Episode 5 : Managing anxiety, knitting and the joy in Saturdays


  1. Enjoyed this episode so much! Kids grow up so fast, it’s just crazy! I loved your ending thought. I need to pull out Simple Abundance again.

  2. Tanya, I suffer from anxiety attacks! Mine usually happen at night, after I get in bed - and I literally think I cannot breathe. My Mom was put in a nursing home last year - she has dementia - and is slowly fading away. She is in Ohio - over 540 miles from me - which makes it even harder. So I start to go into panics about her, and my 91 year old Dad living alone, and on and on. The thing that has saved me is I start saying to myself - think about knitting, think about knitting, what color are you going to use for that one thing, what size needle should I use, etc etc etc.... and slowly I start to calm down. So knitting has virtually saved me over and over - both during the day and night!

    Linda in VA

  3. Been meaning to say I enjoyed this too and quite understand about time being precious. One consolation is now that I’m a grandmother, you get to do it all again and have time to spend with those adorable grandchildren. Keep posting- I love hearing about life in Virginia.


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