The years teach much which the days never knew.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The 20th was my birthday. I remember the year I turned 20. For some reason, I thought that magnificent. Turning 20 on the 20th and all that number fun. Heavens. That seems like ages ago. Well, it was. Funny how when you're young, you want to be older. Remember those 1/2 reminders through the year as a child? It was far cooler to be 12 1/2 than just 12. You were closer to 13! I doubt that mid way through this year, I'll want to be referred to as 48 1/2 ... let's just leave it at 48, shall we?

Regardless of the numbers changing, I've always loved my birthday. I get quite giddy over all the fuss. So this celebration was beautiful and I am so blessed. I started my morning with a 2-hour Yogathon ... yes, that's what it was called even though it sounds silly, at the gym which was wonderful beyond measure. Afterwards, I was to go over to my parents' house for knitting and dessert yet that was a little surprise party of sorts instead which was delightful. My 3 fine men took me out to dinner that evening which was delicious and truly enjoyable. The food at Cheesecake Factory was good but the company by far the best yet. If you're a mom, then you can appreciate the time that's rare when everyone can get together and be in extra good, genuine moods for the occasion. It was a present in itself! Earlier in the day, these same fellas had given me beautiful flowers. The lush cake was from my Mom.

Is your birthday coming up soon? Has it just been? Well, I hope it's filled with sweetness and love.

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