a new start and good food

Dear Reader,
This morning I needed to cast on something new. So I scanned the yarn stash and picked out a lovely skein of Zazu's Yarn in Glitter Sock, colorway 50 shades of Brown ... then promptly went to my Library on Ravelry and decided on Helen Stewart's Fireflies Rising Shawl ... I'd say they marry quite well together. This picture was taken after brekkie and since then I've managed many more rows as it's a zen-like knit so far, almost knitting up itself. Love. It.

For lunch, Zack and I joined my mom and grandmother at Bar J Chili Parlor and my chimicanga was d-lish ... as you can surely guess from the picture below.

It's about a zillion degrees here this week plus humidity so we've been going about things in slow mo. Knitting is a true comfort in every way.

Gather JOY!


  1. Nice yarn, and that chimi does look good! It's been terribly humid here too.:-(
    Enjoy your weekend! ♥