the hipster shawl

On Ravelry, I was reminded that this project began on February 20th. Goodness me, this has been taking forever but then I haven't been knitting so I guess I can't say it's slow going if I haven't been working on it. The pattern is called Hipster Shawl and I was captivated by it's uniquness when I first saw it. I'm delighted in the mute color yarn for it and think it will be a wonderful spring shawl to have on the go. I have given it more love and attention this week so I'm hopeful that it will be finished very soon.

The pattern calls for Worsted weight yet I am using a Sport weight by The Periwinkle Sheep in colorway, Parchment. I love this color!! I've just started skein two and it won't use the entire second skein. Fingers crossed I can hurry up and hit the finish line.

My mom made the darling tea saucer progress keeper as part of a favor at my birthday party in January. It's so sweet to use for this project.

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