Primitive Rabbit and April musings

April Greetings!

It's been quite awhile since I've written a Blog thought or two so now that we're in the 4th month of 2019, it was time. Do you routinely visit THE SAMPLER GIRL BLOG? Do people still read blogs? I remember how popular blogs were when they began; I had such a difficult time keeping up with recent posts of favorite ones back then as everyone was updating them daily. Nowadays, blogs that I used to peruse weekly are either taken down or floating around the inter webs with old pictures, outdated news, and silence. Has Pinterest taken the place of blogs? Is all your time spent on Instagram keeping current with your favorites? I  sure do spend more time on Instagram than anywhere else but I'm not one for the long posts there. I like the pictures and quick captions but I rarely read the long entries and that's where I miss this space. What did we do before Instragam? Oh yeah, Blog!

So for those who do still visit here, thank you! Thank you for stopping in and taking a few minutes to see what I'm sharing.

Above is a picture of {Primitive Rabbit}. Well, that's the name given to her by the menfolk in my house. I can't recall where I bought her but several years back I came across her and thought she was adorable and the perfect addition to my spring decorations. The guys think she's creepy with her non-facial expression and thin arms. I love everything about her! 

The little needlework that sits in her lap was one of the last stitched pieces I did and you can still find its free chart online! Imagine that - it still exsists. Go HERE for it and other sweet designs by primitivebettys. I loved her patterns and enjoyed making several of them including a bunny punch needle design.

Last week, my Mom gave me this super cute tote bag that she ordered from Loop London. It was a souvenir intended for those who didn't attend Edinburgh Yarn Fest in March. Isn't it absolutely darling? The Scottish Bunny is too cute. I've been used it as my purse as the size is ideal. Love how it goes with one of my Polkagris kerchiefs

This year I started noting a favorite read for each month in my reading notebook. For March, Miller's Valley by Anna Quindlen took that spot; it was such a beautiful coming-of-age story about Mimi Miller, centered around her parents and her older brothers. Set in the 1960s in a small town in PA it was perfectly paced with characters that leapt from the page in depth and soul while still giving the main character, Mimi, the spotlight. The Miller family had lived on the land for generations but the government wanted to build a water reservoir which was a constant presence as the years went along. This book had so much heart and simple eloquence woven in; I highly recommend it.

Can you believe the gorgeousness in these mittens?!! My Mom knit them last month as she took a class from Tanis Gray at our local yarn shop and well, I'm still swooning over them. The pattern : Charlotte's Web Mittens. I just can't get over how beautiful they are; look at Wilbur! Charlotte! I love them and they fit perfectly.

As spring has sprung here more and more each day, I've been putting flowers in any and all vases around the house. There's something about flowers that makes the soul happy instantly. 

Until next time. . .

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