The Mermaid Shawl, new knitting pattern!

I am giddy over this NEW design, THE MERMAID SHAWL. Worked in colorways Lakeshore and Lime worsted weight yarns from Stonehedge Fiber Mill in Michigan. Their Shepherd's Wool Worsted line is economical, lush, and wonderful to knit in projects. I have used their yarns many times and each time I've been most pleased. It washes and blocks beautifully; it was a perfect yarn for this shawl design!

THE MERMAID SHAWL is inspired by mermaid lore, the alluring sea, and curling waves on the sand. Shawl carries summer's memory as colder days approach, beckoning warmer breezes again.

Design is meditative, relaxing and fun to knit in textured sections entitled CALM SEAS, MERMAID TAIL, and SANDBAR. A swirly bind off finishes this whimsical design; it really is a comforting hug when complete. Pattern is easy to follow and clearly written.

I saw a little mermaid once, while playing in the sand, she had some pearls around her hair, a mirror in her hand.

She built a little castle there, ’twas just two inches high, and covered it with pretty shells, That lay around near by.

The waves came creeping slowly in, But still the mermaid played, 

The seagulls surrounded and whirled about, but she was not afraid.

Then suddenly she turned and swam, Into the deep blue sea,

I wonder why she didn’t stop, To say Good-Bye to me?


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