Day versus Night :: Reading

"Knowing you have something good to read before bed is among the most pleasurable of sensations."
-Vladimir Nabokov
- - -

Are you a morning reader? I'm not. I've tried but failed.
Are you a nighttime reader? I am. Always.

I recently watched an Instastory from molliereads on IG where she talked about times of the day that she reads the most. I'm the opposite of what she was describing. Where she reads in the morning, I read at night. She pondered trying to change herself into a night reader and offered conversation about reading time preferences. It got me thinking more about this. Thank you, Mollie!

When I was a child, I'd read before bed. It was introduced, probably by my mother, to help me to wind down from the day thus creating a more-sleepy me and then zzzzzzz. As an adult, I've always read before bed. It's part of the whole bedtime routine for me. Sometimes I read a page and sometimes I read an entire book. If I had to pick a time of the day that I prefer reading, it would be at bedtime. I do read during the day, when time allows, but it's nighttime when the biggest blocks of reading occur. 

When I became a Mom for the first time in 1999, the reading-at-bedtime routine went to a whole new level. As the boys have aged, it's changed from reading to them, helping them read aloud, them reading to me, and now my youngest {11} and I read our own books, together. I am a firm believe in fostering a love of books in children from the earliest ages. 

My oldest {19} isn't a reader. Anymore. He devoured books until about the age of 10 and then stopped. Obviously there are readers and non-readers in this world whether I understand it or not :) However, I think in this fast-paced digital world we live, it's essential to keep on keeping on with books and reading. No matter the time of day you want/have to read, bring books in your life! 

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