Blueberry Boy Bait, a recipe

I haven't been able to find the perfect summer blueberries this season until two weekends ago. The weather must have messed with all the blueberry crops this year or the vendors at the farmers market just didn't have the bluest, plumpest berries for some reason. However, I did manage to score two baskets of blueberries afterall {whew!} and they found their way into an amazing recipe from Smitten Kitchen.

I follow Smitten Kitchen on Instagram and it's a wonder I don't devour my phone constantly. The images are yummy goodness one after another - most drool- worthy! An image and recipe for Blueberry Boy Bait came through my feed recently and perhaps was the start to my blueberry search!

The recipe is easy to follow and OH MY WORD!!!, be prepared to be speechless when it is done and cooled and ready to eat. It is probably the best blueberry anything I've ever baked or eaten. I can see how it gets its name ... my husband couldn't stop eating it and begging me to make it again soon!

Go on. Get the recipe. Bake it. Eat it. Be happy.

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