Sunday Lunch

Sunday lunch after church is one of those childhood memories of mine that while not always pleasant {I was a picky eater and probably not the easiest meal companion} it remains a tradition that is very important to me to continue as the years go by. If there's a week when we don't go out to lunch on Sunday for whatever reason, it's as if my entire end of the week/beginning to the next is off kilter! We usually end up at a handful of the same restaurant which is fine with me and today was one of those familiar places were the food is plentiful and the price is right.

My youngest had a hankering for a meatball sub and thank goodness they had one on the menu. He is not a picky eater {Yay!} so just about any menu will tempt him. But today a meatball sub was preferred. This is a picture of us shortly after we finished lunch. Clearly food made us extra happy!

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