Polkagris Kerchief

One June day in my Instagram feed popped up a teaser for a NEW knitting design by Kate Davies. I hadn't knit her designs before but they ALL are stunning creations if not a bit daunting to my knitting experience level. Ok, maybe I'm not giving myself enough brain credit - I could knit some of her intricate patterns but I don't have the patience or concentration level most days so I simply admire and dream-knit over them. Her husband does the photography on landscape and design models - you have to check her style out if you haven't already!

So, this new design, Polkagris Kerchief, looked extra lovely and simple and absolutely something I would/could/needed to knit! {Pattern also available for purchase on Ravelry.} I knit it mostly at the pool over the past month and truly love how it turned out. I'm already thinking of casting on another!

Yarns used:
Everyday Fingering / On The Round, colorway Fiasco
La Brebis Marled Sock / Knit Crate


  1. Thank you so much! I love pink and grey together.

  2. darn you Tanya! I just went and clicked the "buy" button for this!!

    Linda in VA

  3. lol Yay! Eager to see the yarns/colors you choose for it!!


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