Yoga Bunny // book review

This picture book is absolutely adorable. Yoga Bunny by Brian Russo is a picture book masterpiece in story and illustration that young children will really enjoy. Bunny practices his calming and relaxing yoga poses while his busy woodland friends scamper by. Bunny invites each to join him in doing Yoga but they don't have time for it! 

Bunny stands strong in Warrior pose, reaching for the sky. Two mice stop and wonder what Bunny is reaching for and want to reach for it too! They join in and soon after, the other friends come back and practice in the poses as well, finding that Yoga does help them calm, relax and be less angry.

Children can participate with Yoga Bunny in the poses. Loved it. Five stars!

The end papers show Yoga Bunny's poses. A gem of a book.

Harper Collins has a short trailer on the book . . .

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