childhood dolls, and a new cast on

"Play is the highest form of research."
-Albert Einstein

When I was little, I loved dolls. I still love dolls. Yet, if I went about the house carrying a favorite dollbaby from room to room, then I'm certain my boys would think I've lost my mind. My great grandmother would send me birthday money every January for a new Madame Alexander doll. I always chose a big, cuddly one. The small ones were sweet but I rather a solid one that I could carry around and play house. There used to be a fabulous doll shop that specialized in Madame Alexander dolls where we'd go and I'd spend that special birthday money. Puddin and Pussy Cat were my favorites. I also had a Snow White doll whose dress was divine; sadly I've lost her through the years but I have the others. My mother gave me a cloth doll with soft hair made of yarn -- the color of hay, I recall. I've lost her as well. Oh she was a favorite too. I suppose my very first doll was Madame Alexander which I can't put the picture here or you'd jump of fright. I carried her by the hair, {why!?} so she has only a few strands of hair left and they stand up on ends. Her eyes open and close and my great grandmother sewed all her clothes. I called her 'Baby'. When I showed her to my boys way back when, they laughed and were quite creeped out because she doesn't look like she used it. But I still love her. And she still smiles.

In my grandmother's house, I remember making the upstairs into some kind of hospital ward {probably more times than I can count} where I'd put my dolls in various rooms and check on them and their maladies, case by case, with my clipboard holding notes of all the childhood writing you can imagine. 

Over the weekend, I was thinking about my childhood dolls. Do you have a favorite toy/doll as a child? It's a good idea to write down about it. You'd be surprised what more you remember if you put it to paper. Also, I cast on a new knitting project and pulled this cutie off the shelf because she matched the yarn for the photo. The project is Autumn Drizzle Shawl with Hedgehog Fibre yarns in colors, Graphite and Iris.

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