Banana Muffins

This is the best recipe for Banana Muffins. They're that good that they deserve to be capitalized and a blog post all to themselves. The recipe is about 40 some years old. These muffins are as a part of my childhood as Judy Blume books and Bonne Bell scented lip balms!

My maternal great grandmother doubled the batch whenever we'd visit in North Carolina and oh, I can still see the Currier and Ives tin filled to the lid with them. Mama had red velvet stools which my grandmother still has but they've been reupholstered long ago. I was small enough to sit on one of these stools at her marble top coffee table watching shows like Hee Haw and Lawrence Welk, all the while eating my delicious muffin, or two, set on a special plate with a fork {that made it last longer} and drinking ice cold milk. Mmmmm, yeah. 

I've tried several banana muffin and bread recipes through the years but this one is always my favorite  one for muffins and is truly my most cherished recipe. Valentine's Day seems ideal to share such a loved recipe from such a loving great grandmother. 

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