Dinner : Changing the Game by Melissa Clark, a cookbook review!

I hope you have eaten before you read this. Beause you might eat your screen. Go grab a snack and come back. 

Ok, ready? Prepare to want chicken for dinner. For my birthday, a dear friend gifted me, Dinner : Changing the Game, by Melissa Clark. It is a gorgeous {gorgeous!!!} cookbook and if you cook, collect cookbooks and/or eat dinner then you will want it. My only complaint about it is that it is very heavy but opens well and stands perfectly fine in the cookbook holder. The pictures are absolutely fabulous and the layout is perfect. All the recipes given are easy to follow and thankfully, aren't bogged down with too many ingedients. Some do have more than others but as a working mom, I find more than enough to be able to put together on a busy weeknight. 

I made Seasame Chicken with Cashews and Dates. It was delicious; tasted gourmet and super simple to prepare. 10yr old kid-approved too! I highly recommend the cookbook but this recipe is actually online HERE if you want to check it out. Then get the cookbook this weekend. 

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