a good recipe . . . and donuts!

On the way home from work yesterday, I was trying to think of something simple, good, and quick to make for dinner. It was a Monday, {that says a lot, right?} just about 5 o'clock and I was very close to calling in an order from a favorite neighborhood restaurant. But I drove to the grocery store and perused Pinterest on my phone in the parking lot. Very quickly I found Easy Healthy Baked Lemon Chicken recipe and deemed it ideal for the night's meal.

Turned out it was simple, good, and quick to make. Success! And really, isn't that all we aspire for weeknight dinners? I hope you try it. 

Oh, and about an hour or so later .. my brother brought me donuts. From Sugar Shack. So the day ended positively perfect.

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  1. I wish my brother would bring me donuts! Or anyone would bring them! LOL!


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