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  1. Just finished watching your podcast. As usual, you make me smile! I love all of your projects so much. I've jotted down that Color Field shawl to purchase the pattern soon.
    I'm lost in so many projects, including Match & Move. And I'm getting ready to buy Buccaneer! I'm almost finished with one of my projects, but it won't be "right" - as I don't have enough yarn and can't get more... sigh... I did a bit of the yarn crawl yesterday and may get out to a few more places next week - or at least one or two! No cash makes it hard to shop!

    Linda in VA

  2. I have Buccaneer shawl - such a beautiful design!! There just aren't enough hours in the day to knit all the things AND read all the books!!! Thank you for tuning in - I was and am dishelved as usual lol

    1. You would not believe (or you probably would) - the time I spent last night - trying to figure out the order of color to put my mini skeins in - for Buccaneer. It is a gradient set - but not. Meaning - doesn't go from pale to dark - it has a mixture. And then I was short one, so had to add in something. I think I have it now! I am doing a gray as my master color. And then the mini skeins are in taupes, purples, a blue and a gray...

      You have to much going on! With your job and your kids and your business and your crafting and reading. I had all of that with my job - but minus the children... But now that I'm retired, I still can't keep up with it all - ha!

      Linda in VA

    2. meant to say too much going on! har!


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