short stories

For some silly reason, I had convinced myself that I didn't like to read short stories. Perhaps because once I get fully into the short story, then it's over and I am left with wanting more. Perhaps because I struggled with writing short stories for a creative writing course in college. Ah yes, now I remember why I didn't like short stories! Well, that's all in the past. My interest in reading short story complications has launched with this book, Delicate Edible Birds and other Stories by Lauren Groff. I'm currently reading the second to last story and already know this will be a 5-star book for me. I can't say I have enjoyed every story as there were 2 that were, meh. However, the ones I loved, I loved intensely. 

If you read this one, let me know what you think!

cosy reading night TBR

Whilst making dinner, I made a quick video sharing my 3 reads for tonight's cosy reading night that I'm particiapting, started by Lauren. Basically, you split three hours up with three books - Just the perfect way to end my weekend.

// happy reading! //

used book sale haul on a rainy Saturday morning

It was a very rainy morning, a very rainy afternoon ... and then it let up around dinnertime. I ventured to a used book sale about 30 minutes away mid-morning and all the way there, I kept hoping it was worth it. The rain was miserable and the traffic in said rain was extra miserable. But the used book sale meeting me on the other end was worth the travel time. All the books they had were perfectly categorized and I was thrilled to see they were all gently used books with no library books in the lot. I think it's annoying when you go to a used book sale and find library marked copies of book for sale - it happens and I've bought some but certainly finding a reader's book is the desire.

This evening, I uploaded a short video on my book haul so I hope you enjoy! We had a soggy soccer game to sit through this afternoon so it was a long day ... thus my tired mood in the video. I was giddy over these new books to my shelves. 

// Happy Reading //

tuesday / a knit and a read

Design :: River Shawl
Yarns :: Blacker Yarn's new line, Samite, a silk blend, Hazel Knits DK colorway cabbage rose and Hedgehog Fibers DK colorway Fool's Gold

Book :: Faithful by Alice Hoffman 5 stars!

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