// Decorating with Samplers //

One of my favorite places to group samplers together is above my piano. It's a fairly large wall and displays some of my favorite pieces. I like to mix other pictures with the needlework and it offers a nice feast for the eyes when seated at the piano playing hymns. I find it tricky sometimes to get the right balance of frame sizes and shapes but it works, usually. Most times, less is more but in decorating with samplers, for me, I find more is better as it offers more of a story to tell - the wall has such character with all the framed pieces here and there and plus, it's cozy. And I love cozy.

How do YOU decorate with your samplers? Share in this post or better yet, come along to The Sampler Girl on Facebook and share a picture in the post there to share with me and other samplermakers!!


  1. Wow! Love all of them! I have not cross-stitched in so long! I do want to get back to it. Need to make a trip to In Stitches soon - it has been years since I've been over there!

    I only have a handful of stitched items on my wall - some are surrounding a mirror in my living room. Many of the ones I've made over the years have been given as gifts.

    Linda in VA

  2. Thank you!
    What wonderful gifts you have given :)


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