Art Sampler Study // DEGAS

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.
-Edgar Degas (1834 - 1917)

 - - - 
Ever since I can remember, I've been captivated by art. The above quote by Parisian born artist, Edgar Degas, sums it up very well. If each of us is given a painting to look at, to ponder, to study, to muse over ... each of us will see, reflect, wonder, and find something different about it. Some of us might like it. Some of us might not. What appeals to one, doesn't always appeal to the other. And that is what makes Art so wonderful, so beautiful, so alive.

Today begins a series of posts and designs entitled Art Sampler Study.

For the premier post, I have chosen a most favorite artist of mine, Edgar Degas. Degas was born July 18, 1834, in Paris, France. His father desired him to become a lawyer yet Degas had artistic dreams and plans. He enlisted at The Louvre as a copyist (copied art for study) and very soon after, was enrolled in Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Through the years, Degas mingled/painted/worked with artists like Manet, Renoir, and Mary Cassatt. Debts, hard friendships, and poor eyesight followed him the remainder of his life. He never married and died on September 27, 1917.

What a creature, Degas! All his friends had to leave him; I was the last to go, 
but even I couldn't stay with him until the end.
-Pierre Augustus Renoir (1841 - 1919)

Degas' paintings, especially his Dance Class ones, absolutely intrigue. I love to sit for the longest time in the couches at The National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, to reflect, to admire, to study. 
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The needlework design to accompany this first Art Sampler Study is a bookmark displaying the artist's name fancied with colors from his palette. Tuck the treasure into a special journal or add to your current art book. Vintage buttons were added for simple elegance. Happy Stitching, Tanya

Art Sampler Study :: Degas ::
Pattern available HERE
Stay tuned for more in this series!

upcoming design

Isn't this project pouch adorable? It was a sweet gift for my birthday and it truly is a wonderful size for cross stitch projects. I've a new series beginning this week and excited to share it with you. Almost complete ... stay tuned!

sugar plum 'Valentine' shawl

I keep thinking about all the knitting and stitching time I'd have if it would only snow here!!! - and force us to hibernate for a few days. Our friends to the North have a blanket of snow and more on the way. We've seen nary an inch this winter yet! I'm still hoping we have some snow in our few remaining weeks of winter but who knows. 

I did manage to finish a knitting project this week and it was a complete delight to knit. I had seen the design, Sugar Plum Shawl, when Mina first released it but only when I saw it on a recent Stress Knits Podcast and knew I had to make one mine. Funny when we can see a design in person, or in this case, on the screen in full flowing action then we can connect with it all the more. The yarn, whilst not a dream to knit with, was a must in this limited edition colorway, 1600 Pennsylvania. It is a Rustic Fingering weight from Neighborhood Fiber Co. and honestly the color is stunning, truly. I used almost the entire skein and am very pleased with how it blocked. It will be lovely to wear for upcoming Valentine's Day!

// Decorating with Samplers //

One of my favorite places to group samplers together is above my piano. It's a fairly large wall and displays some of my favorite pieces. I like to mix other pictures with the needlework and it offers a nice feast for the eyes when seated at the piano playing hymns. I find it tricky sometimes to get the right balance of frame sizes and shapes but it works, usually. Most times, less is more but in decorating with samplers, for me, I find more is better as it offers more of a story to tell - the wall has such character with all the framed pieces here and there and plus, it's cozy. And I love cozy.

How do YOU decorate with your samplers? Share in this post or better yet, come along to The Sampler Girl on Facebook and share a picture in the post there to share with me and other samplermakers!!

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