winter hat

We had our first snow this weekend! Saturday was a winter wonderland even though we ended up with less than an inch but it was bitter cold with fat flying snowflakes for many hours. Winter bliss! Especially for a knitter. I spent an hour or so at the knitting shop casting on a new design by Mina, Dragon's Teeth Hat, which I finished up this afternoon. I can't bear to take it off! Super cozy and warm. I used Berrocco Vintage DK in colorway Smoke with size US 4 and 6 needles. I made a pathetic but cute little pom pom out of the same yarn, different colorway whose yarn label I don't have at hand, sorry. It's a lovely rust/red/brown color and accents it really nicely.

So the weekend is coming to a close. Bummer. Monday seems to pop up too quickly, just as I got settled in to the weekend frame of mind.

Hope your Sunday has been well-spent and sweet filled. Perchance with knitting or handwork?

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