handknits in the wild

I started knitting about 6 years ago and have certainly acquired a substantial collection of handknits to wear during cold months since then / shawls being the greatest variety to add to outfits. I designed a few of my own shawls as well - add those to the mix and my handknit storage is at its limit! Well, one can always smoosh in some more, right? I rotate some shawls on a weekly basis on the hallway closet door hook  ... however, there are always so many that never get worn as much. And yet I keep knitting more. Um, yeah!

On Saturday, I wore my French Outlander Shawl that hadn't seen daylight in awhile and I had missed it. Like an old friend. It is worked in Zazu Yarns colorway {Glitter base} 50 shades of Brown accented with Ginger's Hand Dyed Sheepish Sock colorway Lallybroch. Outlander releases Season 3 this year ... methinks I need to do another Outlander-inspired shawl. Yes, another!


vlog | November 9-15