grey and red

More rain. What a soggy beginning to 2017! Waking up to the pitter patter of rain is quite nice especially since it's a work-from-home day for me so I didn't have to drive through busy lanes on the way in to the office. The short & sweet drop to the elementary school was puddle-laden enough. Grace cat is currently atop a chair by the window, watching the world slosh by. I think it's trying to clear up so here's hoping the sun returns. In the meanwhile, it gives a quiet, somber mood to Tuesday here.

Last night I was able to make keen progress on my Aspen Winter Cowl. It is such a delightful knit, I highly recommend the pattern by Laura Gesin. Laura hosts an audio podcast, Knit Read Pray (itunes). I recently was swept away in color-combo-goodness by Jaclyn of the BrooklynFolk Podcast (youtube) when she knit some slippers for a friend in Paton Worsted Dark Grey Marl accented with a touch of cranberry red yarn. Yes! Oh my - so gorgeous together. It was the first choice I had for this cowl design and works perfectly. The red is Bijou Basin Himalayan Trail in colorway RedCoats which I had in my stash - it is fingering weight so I'm holding it double. Size US8 neeldes and this project makes me giddy. 

Dinner tonight will be a weekly meal favorite ... spaghetti.


  1. So happy to see a blog posting from you! I've missed you!! I'm going to check into this cowl pattern. I love the colors you chose for yours!

    Linda in VA

  2. Hi Linda! Oh it's a sweet design - hope you check it out.


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