summer shawls

Dear Reader,
Summer here in Northern Virginia is usually wicked hot with sticky humidity but this season, so far!, we've been fortunate to actually have cool afternoons and whilst it has reached the 90s recently, it hasn't been for too long - - those pleasant summer days when just the right breeze sways have been more than less. Hopefully, I'm not jinxing anuthing with those words! I've a few favorite summer shawls that are my go to accessories when the weather cooperates. The Matka Shawl. The Highland Peaks Shawl. The Farmhouse Shawl. Even The Windswept shawl, being super great for cool movie theaters and nights out in the neighborhood. Do check out those design links - I highly recommend them.

Do you have summer knitwear that you keep on the ready? I'd love to hear about those pieces of yours and maybe I can add yet another pattern to my list of to-be-knits.

Gather JOY!

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