new cast on / painted windows!

Dear Reader,
On the podcast, I mentioned my immediate love for the new Casapinka design, Painted Windows. I decided to knit mine in worsted weight for a bit heavier knit to enjoy when the weather turns cooler ... soon, we hope! The overall feel of this shawl is so artsy which really appeals to me; it's unique and quite fun to knit. This yarn is Berroco Remix, cream colorway, for the main color with Malabrigo Rios, colorway English Rose, for the windows as well as the end of shawl as shown in the designer's blog post. Very imaginative.

No shawl-wearing for the next several days for me. It's to hit the 100 degree mark. Ugh. I waffle back and forth with loving summer to loathing it ... I think wearing flip flops might be my current favorite thing about it. :)

Gather JOY!

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