baby blanket knitting

Dear Reader,
I had a bit of time before church this morning, so I picked up the baby blanket project that I'm knitting for my nephew (he'll be 1 month old this week!) and was able to zen out with the US size 8 needles and lovely Shepherd's DK yarn in colorway Mint. It's such a relaxing knit - the design is based on this free pattern download. I've made at least two of them before for gifts and can say it's a go-to baby blanket design now. I vary it up a bit here and there just to make it fun as you can see this one has a few rows of garter thrown in as well as I have the top and bottom garter bands in a differentt yarn & color.

It's wicked hot here again this week with no rain in sight. We did have a summer storm pass through the area last evening and then a glorious rainbow afterwards.

Gather JOY!


  1. Cute blanket! I like your changes to it better than the original.
    It's been hot here too, and getting ready to be wicked hot this week!
    Enjoy your day!♥

  2. Thank you so much, Anne. Ah, summer heat ... more of it today.


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